Friday, August 7, 2009

How to Avoid "The Mob"

I have seen many of the videos of the town hall meetings and just had some suggestions for Congressmen on how to avoid the issues that arose at these meetings.

1. DO NOT stack the meeting

2. DO NOT prevent anyone from attending the meeting. If there are too many to adhere to fire codes, take the meeting outside so all can hear & be heard.

3. DO NOT talk AT us. You should be having a discussion WITH us

4. DO NOT give us the same answers that you have been giving us for months, that we do not agree with, accept or that are the very things that we have issues with

5. DO NOT disregard logic

6. DO NOT lie to us or stretch the truth

7. DO NOT expect us to respect you, when you have not respected us by either completely ignoring us or by calling us names or by stating that our opinions are invalid. You will have to humble yourself. Once you have proven that you can respect us, we will respect you.

Following the above will help in working WITH the American people, rather than against us.

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