Friday, August 7, 2009

Real Health Care Reform

I want REAL health care reform.

Not a government take over. Not my rights & freedoms taken away from myself, my family & my countrymen. And, NOT the status quote.

I want TORT reform. Not only do malpractice lawsuits cost physicians in medical malpractice premiums, but there are the costs of the payouts and the biggest cost of all: the extra tests and procedures that are done so the physicians can protect themselves from being sued.

I want the government limitations removed, so there's real competition. Open the market and let me purchase insurance from any company in the US, not just those in my state. You know, the options that our Congressmen have.

I want fewer people between me and my doctor. Remove the incentives given to employers for paying for part or all of my health insurance premiums. I can spend the money I earn better than the government AND my employer.

I want to stop paying for illegal aliens health care. Secure or boarders and DO NOT allow illegal aliens to use our social services.

I want to stop paying emergency room bills for non-emergencies.

I want out of Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. Again, I can spend (and save) the money I earn better than the government. I understand that this would be difficult, but, unless I opt into these programs, I should not be forced to pay for them and, of course, should not be given the benefits of them. Then, there's the fact the these three programs are failures - they are what need to be destroyed, not the best health care system in the world.

Mostly, I want the government to STAY OUT OF MY LIFE.

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