Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Action on Health Care Bill

Here is a list of the House Members on the Health Subcommittee of the Committee on Energy & Commerce - which is where the Health Care bill is currently held up in the Senate:

Frank Pallone, Jr., New Jersey - 202 225-4671
John D. Dingell, MI - 202 225-4071
Nathan Deal, GA 202 225-5211
Bart Gordon, TN - 202 225-4231
Ralph M. Hall, TX - 202 225-6673
Anna G. Eshoo, CA - 202 225-8104
Ed Whitfield, KY - 202 225-3115
Eliot L. Engel, NY - 202 225-2464
John Shimkus, IL - 202 225-5271
Gene Green, TX - 202 225-1688
John B. Shadegg, AZ - 202 225-3361
Diana DeGette, CO -202 225-4431
Roy Blunt, MO 202 225-6536
Lois Capps, CA - 202 225-3601
Steve Buyer, IN - 202 225-5037
Jan Schakowsky, IL - 202 225-2111
Joseph R. Pitts, PA -202 225-2411
Tammy Baldwin, WI - 202 225-2906
Mike Rogers, MI - 202 225-4872
Mike Ross, AR - 202 225-3772
Sue Wilkins Myrick, NC - 202 225-1976
Anthony D. Weiner, NY -202 225-6616
Tim Murphy, PA -202 225-2301
Jim Matheson, UT - 202 225-3011
Michael C. Burgess, TX - 202 225-7772
Jane Harman, CA - 202 225-8220
Marsha Blackburn, TN - 202 225-2811
Charles A. Gonzalez, TX - 202 225-3236
Phil Gingrey, GA - 202 225-2931
John Barrow, GA - 202 225-2823
Joe Barton, TX - 202 225-2002
Donna M. Christensen, VI - 202 225-1790
Kathy Castor, FL - 202 225-3376
John P. Sarbanes, MD - 202 225-4016
Christopher S. Murphy, CT - 202 225-4476
Zachary T. Space, OH - 202 225-6265
Betty Sutton, OH - 202 225-3401
Bruce L. Braley, IA - 202 225-2911

According to a preliminary report - they will be voting on the bill, most likely, on Friday. Please contact all of them with your concerns about the bill.

If you only feel comfortable, just tell them that you want them to vote NO.

The person that answers the phone usually will not "talk" to you, they really only pass on what you tell them to the Congressman. So, feel free to address specific issues, not only with a government-run health care plan (which they may have taken out of the bill) and the high taxes (again, they may have cut some of those taxes out of the bill), but mostly with our FREEDOM! We, as a free people, will not be told that we are REQUIRED to have health insurance or what kind of health insurance we must have.

We just want the government out of our lives. No expansion of the current government run programs will be accepted.

We want REAL reform:

TORT reform - not only is the liability insurance expensive for doctors, but that is a huge reason for having so many unnecessary tests & procedures done.

FEWER people involved in our health care (get the government & our employers out of it).

Address the issue of illegal aliens by securing our borders and having real consequences for breaking our laws. Also address the birthright citizenship for children born to undocumented immigrants. (Currently US laws (actually this came from the supreme court - there is no definition in our actual laws) automatically recognizes any person born on American soil as a natural born citizen).

Change the law that states that hospitals must provide care to everyone that comes to the ER - they should only provide care to those that actually have an emergency (hence the name emergency room).

Keep up the fight for our freedoms and post any responses you receive.

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