Friday, April 9, 2010

Pardon the Interruption

I am interrupting my breakdown of the health insurance law to share with all of you a conversation that I had on Twitter the other day. I just want to show how different most conservatives and liberals are when having a discussion. Also, I want to point out the kind of crap that conservatives have to deal with, that no one in the media wants to talk about, but they will run with any negative story about a conservative, without any kind of proof.

I am not including the Twitter handle of the person that I had this conversation with, as I just don't think that's the right thing to do. I have edited their posts so that the foul language is no longer spelled out.

My post: Hey Americans w/ brown skin-tone - Is it teapartiers or liberals calling u names like Oreo, Uncle Tom, etc? #teaparty #tcot @Theblacksphere

Their reply:
Hey AMNs w/ brown skin-tone - Is it teapartiers or libs calling u names lk Oreo, Uncle Tom/Why is "n" word on ur signs, b*tch?

My reply:
(their twitter handle) States that my teaparty signs have the "n" word on them - show me, cause I haven't seen them. Have u? #tcot #912

Their reply: /enjoy

2nd reply: And there's plenty more. You know it, too, you little b*tch. #tcot #gop Like you never saw any of this. LYING SOW.

My reply:
He's not calling black ppl nigger's - he saying Congress is treating us like slave's used 2b treated. I want 2 see "plenty more"

Their reply:
You are dumber than lint if you believe that. Get off my TL, you dumb, racist apologist for evil. F*CK YOU.

2nd reply: Google it. It's everywhere. Everyone knows what the f*ck you baggers are. Go and suck corporate balls, racist.

My reply:
Googled it & only found 1 pic u sent - funny, n conversation about name calling-did conservative or liberal call the other names?

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