Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today's Views

Today I want to just get some things out there that have really been bothering me about the things that are currently going on in our country.

First, I would like to address Scott Brown's win in MA. I have to admit, I cried a little the night he was elected. Not because I was so excited that Brown, the man, won, but because Brown, the movement, won. The majority took a step in the right direction by not letting the other 20% of the country control our freedom. I do not know if I would have voted for Brown, because I do not feel he is a conservative and just didn't trust someone who seemed to use the Tea Party movement to get elected. But, in a state like MA, maybe he's the most conservative you can get. I'm glad I didn't have to make that choice.

Now I see that he is turning out to be just what I thought he was - used the Tea Party to get into power and then threw them to the side. It will be interesting to see how he votes once he's in office, but I am pretty ticked at him for disregarding the Tea Party's involvement in his win. Note: I am not disappointed in him, as I expected it. I am ticked because I think that his words make the Tea Party members tentative about supporting other supposedly conservative candidates.

I know, I know, he was running on the GOP ticket. Right now we have a two party system, so that is the system that the Tea Party is working in. I hope that will change soon - I'm hoping with Patrick Hughes in Illinois. It would just be awesome to vote in a real conservative that is not part of either of the major parties. I urge you, conservatives, to vote for the person you believe in, not the lesser of two evils. The conservative may not win that election because the vote is split, but if that is what continues to happen, eventually one of the two parties are going to wake up and the conservatives will start winning the primaries. Yes, it will be a long, hard road, but it MUST be done. We cannot continue to allow the two party system to steal our freedoms from us.

Secondly, I'd like to address President Obama's budget proposal and State of the Union Address. I don't understand why we continue to let our politicians get away with the accounting tactics they use. The budget allows for revenue from a health care tax and a cap and trade tax. Neither of which are law. What are the real numbers based on our actual laws?

Then he states that he will impliment a spending freeze. What he did not tell us is that it's only on about 17% of our Federal Budget and it's not like they are not going to spend the money, they're just not going to spend more than they have allocated for a few programs. Why aren't they doing that ALL the time? And he basically stated that he wants to cut spending on those programs he is against, but raise spending on those programs that he is for. So, we can look forward to raising taxes (because he's against the people having control of their own money) and more government programs (because he's for the government having power over you through taxation).

It's pretty obvious that they are not just going to stop spending our money, so we need to stop them. They won't listen to us, that's pretty obvious by the health care votes, but there are many actions we can take to control their spending of our money. We can replace them with those that have the same values we do. We can get the word out to everyone we know about what is really going on in Washington and how they are spending our money. We can bring our concerns to the public via protests, discussions, advertisements, etc. We can be sure to keep up on all that they are doing in Washington and contacting our representatives on each and every vote that comes up. Let them know that you are keeping an eye on them. Lastly, we can stop paying taxes. We will go to jail, but once we have, we can sue the government for requiring us to pay unconstitutional taxes.

Then he stated that Congress did not pass the law that he wanted to form a committee. So, he issued an executive order. Not only does it just validate the opinion that he thinks he's a dictator and we will do what he wants - he insists on it. But, it's just another waste of our tax dollars. The committee has no legal authority, thus they will be paid to sit there and come up with ideas that no one (well, except Obama himself) will listen to. More job creation by creating more government jobs. This is the only way that he knows how to create a job - creating them in the private sector requires relinquishing power. Not something Obama is capable of.

Third, I would like to talk about health insurance reform. I think that the administration is not talking about it much because they don't want us to know what is going on. Then they will sneak it through in the middle of the night again. Do not trust them. Keep pressing for REAL health insurance reform - tort reform, stop giving tax incentives to employers for providing health insurance, allow the purchasing of health insurance across state lines, etc.

Forth, I would like to address the bank bailouts and adding a tax to the 50 largest banks (excluding Fannie, Freddie & GM). Some of those banks did not take any bailout money, so why do they have to pay it back. Of those that did take bailout money, much of that money has been paid back with interest (not from Fannie, Freddie & GM, though). So, when he says "we want our money back", what money? If it's already been paid back plus interest, what money are we suppose to be getting "back"? But, let's say that it hadn't been paid back........if we had to give them the money because the bank would collapse with out it - how can it be good to then require them to pay even more money? It doesn't make any sense?! Then there's the fact that the government made a deal with this banks. We'll give you this amount of money at this interest rate. Now they want forcefully change their agreement with these banks. How can we trust the government, if they are changing the rules on us? When does it stop? Are they going to add another tax next year and a fee the year after that? How long are the banks stuck under the federal government's thumb? Now they are talking about using some of the TARP money, which is suppose to go back to the tax payers not back to the government, to bailout smaller banks (can't use the excuse of too big to fail here). If I were those banks, I would bring in CSPAN to air the discussions and then refuse any money the government wants to loan due to the fact that I cannot trust that they will not just change the agreement after I have accepted the money.

This same principle applies to the small businesses that he wants to "help". Be very wary of his proposals. Very wary.

And finally, I want to address the general idea that conservatives need to compromise all the time. We have been compromising and compromising. Giving away our freedoms one inch at a time (sometimes feet at a time from things like Social Security). Why? Why doesn't the left have to compromise, but the right does. And when does it stop? If you want to live in a nanny state - move to one, but don't think you can nudge this great country into one. We will not stand for it any more. I want my freedom back!

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