Thursday, May 14, 2009

From NE 912 Project

Below is an email I received from the Nebraska 912 Project. Wanted to get it out to all Nebraskans, so they can tak action.

Earlier this year, our U.S. Congress authorized a huge financial stimulus package (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) to provide the 50 States of U.S.A. some capital to spend our way out of recession/depression/indebtedness. There is common knowledge that this act is in direct opposition to all economic/financial principles of freedom. Yet this package was even supported by a U.S. Senator from Nebraska -- Ben Nelson. Ben was in position to stop the vote on the stimulus package - yet allowed it. Thereby ushering a financial tragedy never before seen. Now the U.S. Treasury has our printing presses printing money where there is no backing and security. No country/civilization/culture has ever survived this type of action. Merely look to recent Zimbabwe, Africa; or back in the 1920's where Germany printed unsecured money = > yielding an economy where to purchase one loaf of bread would cost a wheelbarrow load of cash! This inflation destroys savings, retirement programs, investments and purchasing power. How would this affect you?

Recognizing the financial storm being pushed upon our United States and the State of Nebraska, citizens of Nebraska contacted their State Senators requesting that they refuse these stimulus dollars. Not one State Senator wanted to stop this mess. One Senator from the 33rd District even said he was too busy to worry about it -- just too much going on. Even our Governor Heineman has not stopped this increased indebtedness being placed on Nebraska citizens and and businesses. Our Nebraska Governor says he has helped cut taxes, yet this is a $1.5 billion tax increase. Tax increases destroy businesses and jobs. Obviously our political leaders no longer represent us.

What do we do? Well, on Thursday May 7th, a written request was made to Jon Bruning (Attorney General for State of Nebraska) to "file for and get an absolute and immediate injunction against the Executive and Legislative branches of our State Government to preclude further Constitutional violations et. al.." by taking and spending Federal stimulus money. That letter is the attachment to this e-mail.

As of today, May 13, 2009, no response has been received by the complainant from the Attorney General, Jon Bruning. Furthermore, no objections have been voiced by any State Senators to spending money Nebraska does not have. This is not an oversight, since at least 20 Senators are aware of the Nebraska Constitutional violations being promoted by accepting and spending stimulus 'American Recovery and Reinvestment Act' dollars.

Today May 13, 2009 our Nebraska State Legislature has approved a $7 Billion (2 year) budget using borrowed stimulus dollars to balance our Nebraska budget. Just a note, borrowed dollars in excess of $100,000 for our State is a violation of our Nebraska State Constitution. With all the financial calamity our State Aid to Education has increased $234 million in the face of a 30% drop in state revenues.

Our Governor Heineman has yet to sign this state budget approved today. Please, you and your friends use phone calls, e-mails, personal contacts (protests) to stop this acceptance of further debt to us, our families, and businesses. Governor Heineman's contact information is (e-mail); (phone) 402-471-2244; (address) Governor's Office, P.O. Box 94848, Lincoln, NE 68509.

Understand these 'stimulus dollars' have nothing to do with economic recovery, only about Federal control! Also the State of Nebraska has been put on notice in writing to Nebraska Attorney General on May 7, 2009 to not accept stimulus dollars for State of Nebraska because it violates our State of Nebraska Constitution Therefore, some State of Nebraska elected officials are liable for willful violations regarding 'not upholding' our State Constitution (which each one swore to uphold by oath).

Please place all lawful pressure possible by a citizen to restore fiscal sanity to Nebraska leadership. All elected representatives and state officers who failed to object/oppose the acceptance and spending of stimulus dollars will be replaced in our next election cycle. This will allow citizens to have their say.

We the people - - - - - will succeed in keeping our country, culture, and property.
Spread the word to all you know - the sooner the better!


Butch Hughes -- Hastings, NE

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