Saturday, May 30, 2009

Environmental Protest in Omaha, NE

Below is an email from the Nebraska912 Organizer:

For anyone who wants to jump-start the climate change protesting: This afternoon (Sat, May 30) the greenies are having "Repower Nebraska - A Project with the Alliance for Climate Protection". It's an organizational meeting and is this afternoon at 2:00 till approx 4:00pm at the W. Dale Clark Library (downtown branch), 215 S. 15th St. in Meeting Rooms 2 and 3, lower level.

A few of our members have already emailed me that they are going to this, and anyone else is welcome to join! Just look for the "Global Warming is a Hoax and Al Gore a Fraud" sign. :)

For anyone planning on protesting at this or any of the other climate change propaganda events next week, please feel free to take pictures/video and email to me. I'm going to post several of the other propaganda events as Meetups so that you all can RSVP and know who else is going.


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