Tuesday, April 28, 2009

H.R. 1684 and S. 816

Below is the e-mail I sent to my representatives this morning concerning Right to Carry in our National Parks.

I would like to encourage you to vote for the Preservation of the Second Amendment in National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges Act (H.R. 1684 and S. 816). I beleive that it is our right to protect ourselves and I cannot see any logicial reason that we should be prevented from doing so within National Parks.

The National Park Service reported 11 murders, 35 rapes, 61 robberies and 261 aggravated assaults in 2006.
Parks contain hidden methamphetamine labs and marijuana fields, and drug and illegal alien smuggling routes.
At least a dozen grizzly bear attacks were reported between April-December 2007 and guides in Alaska's parks (where different regulations apply) routinely carry firearms for protection against attacks by bears.

For these resason I asked that you vote for HR 1684 and S 816 respectively.

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