Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gun Control Email to All My Representatives

This is a copy of the short email I sent to all my representatives including Obama regarding gun control on April 23rd.

I am writing you today because there has been a lot of talk by many politicians regarding gun control.

Some blatantly come out and tell us that they oppose our Right to Bear Arms. Others say that they have no intention of taking away our Right to Bear Arms, but that we need "reasonable" gun control to protect our country. The definition of "reasonable" is the issue here.

I ask, as a US citizen, that you not vote for any law that would infringe on my Right to Bear arms. I feel that this is really a basic human right to defend oneself. I have great respect for my local police officers and the job they do for us. But, unless one is assigned to me personally, they cannot protect me. It's simply impossible.

If you are unsure as to weather the law would infringe on my rights, you can ask me directly, or simply check with the NRA.

Below are a just a few that are not reasonable, and infringe on my rights:

Gun registration
Requiring background checks on private gun sales
Requiring Micro-Stamping
Laws preventing me from carrying my gun on my person

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