Friday, April 24, 2009

Email Concerning Cap & Trade Bills

Below is the e-mail I sent to all of my Federal Representatives including Obama concerning the cap & trade bills.

I do not support the the cap and trade bills being pushed by the administration. Below are just a few links to the facts about global warming & green house gases, which shows that our planet is not in crisis.,25197,24036736-7583,00.html

It is unacceptable to use lies to push bills through.

Below are links to information on how American's actually feel about global warming:

Also, I am strongly against redistribution of wealth in every form and that is exactly what is being purposed with this plan. What is the point of taking money from those that build this country and giving it to those that can't afford to pay their bills because the government has raised their energy bills? It makes no sense.

I urge you not to pass any restrictive cap & trade laws.

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